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Group Work

Dream Groups

Dream work is a meaningful practice for self-healing. In dream groups we share and explore our nightly journeys in community. Supporting one another in self-discovery.


Groups range in size, duration, and style. Some are intimate and brief. Others are open and ongoing. Some focus on creative exploration while others tap into our spirituality.


I lead dream groups in-person and online so that I can gather with dreamers around the globe.


No dream work experience is necessary to join a group.

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Current Dream Groups:

Dreaming Queerly, FREE & virtual

How do I prepare for a dream group? Read through your dream journals if you have them. If you don’t have a dream journal practice, begin recording your dreams at least two weeks before our session. Please write your dreams down in a simple, first-person narrative without personal reflections. (Example: “my childhood boyfriend” instead of “Peter who was my boyfriend in the sixth grade when I lived in Eugene.”) It may be helpful to give them a brief title.

What kind of dream can I bring? At the beginning of a dream group and for open groups, I recommend bringing a ‘mild’ dream. One that is meaningful but not deeply vulnerable. Once we have established the group dynamic in a closed group, you may feel comfortable bringing explicit dreams or nightmares. No dream is unworthy of sharing and at the same time not every dream is appropriate for a group container. If you have extremely explicit or gruesome dreams, you might consider a private Dreamcasting session with me.

Creative Workshops


Therapeutic arts are about more than healing from difficult experiences. Creative workshops are about play & pleasure, relaxation, and self-discovery.


In class we weave together art, nature, and ritual. And in doing so we draw closer to ourselves.


Workshops take place in-person and online. Some classes are project-based and others focus on the creative process.


Levels vary from novice to skilled, but are open to all regardless of experience.

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Current Creative Circles:

Creative Care Circle, FREE & virtual

Can I request a specific workshop? 100%! What creative magic do you have in mind?

Therapy Groups


Sharing your healing experience with others is a precious opportunity.


In group work, there is a community to witness, support, and motivate you. A community of people who have faced similar trials. Led by a skilled facilitator who gently guides the communal quest.


Group work is even more restorative, at times, than one-on-one therapy. As the healing journeys of others touch our own wounds. And shared vulnerability soothes our own broken heart.


Some therapy groups revolve around a certain issue such as grief or identity. Others around a specific process like psychodrama or art therapy.


Therapeutic groups are beneficial on their own or alongside individual therapy.


I lead therapy groups online and in-person for New Mexico residents.

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How much does group therapy cost? The cost of a therapy group is significantly less than indvidual sessions. Rates range depending on duration, type, and insurance coverage. On average, I have seen therapy groups that cost between $20-$50 USD per session. Some cost less, some cost more.

Do you take insurance? I do not take insurance but FSA and HSA funds may be used and some insurance reimbursement may be available through your provider depending on your individual plan.

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