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1:1 Sessions


Your dreams are a portal to self healing and personal growth. One-on-one dream work nourishes the spirit and connects you to your own medicine.


Dreamcasting sessions guide you in deepening your dream practice. In each session we explore your relationship to a particular dream.


We use creative exercises to explore the unique themes of your imagination. We identify potential practices for answering your dream messages. And we honor the gift of each dream with meaningful ritual.


These sessions also make a sacred gift to honor the transitions and life cycles of your loved ones.


$159 USD per 90 minute session

How do I prepare for Dreamcasting? Read through your dream journals if you have them. If you don’t have a dream journal practice, begin recording your dreams at least two weeks before our session. Please write your dreams down in a simple, first-person narrative without personal reflections. (Example: “my childhood boyfriend” instead of “Peter who was my boyfriend in the sixth grade when I lived in Eugene.") It may be helpful to give them a brief title.

What should I bring to Dreamasting? Please bring 1-2 dreams to a session. You will also want to bring pen & paper, art supplies, and ritual comforts like tea and a candle. Some suggested art supplies are watercolors, felt markers, colored pencils, pastels, or collage materials. Digital art programs are also fantastic. If attending a session in-person, art materials will be supplied. Please wear comfy clothes which can get dirty.

What kind of dreams can we explore? If this is your first session, I recommend bringing a ‘mild’ dream. One that is meaningful but not deeply vulnerable. Once we have established a working relationship, you may feel comfortable bringing explicit dreams or nightmares. No dream is unwelcome.

How do I start a dream practice? Dream practice often evolves organically by attending one-on-one or group dream work sessions. The more you tend to your dream world, the more active your dream recall will be. Your dream life is enlivened by intention and connection to the imaginal realms in any form.

Creative Well-being

Creative Well-being sessions relax and restore the nervous system through self-expression.


We use art materials alongside mindfulness and ritual to nourish your inner world.​


These sessions support individuals in self discovery. They are wonderful for self-care, stress reduction, and simply--pleasure. Imagine a yoga class and an art class in one.


Creative Well-being sessions are not psychotherapy. Still, they are therapeutic and a good addition to traditional counseling.


Treat yourself or your kin to an artful journey within.


$159 USD per 75 minute session

What is a typical CWB session like? Creative Well-being sessions begin with grounding and intention setting followed by brief emotional & somatic check-ins. I then guide you in a creative practice based on what you’ve shared and what materials you have available. We’ll spend time reflecting on your intention, images, and process before closing with another grounding practice.

Are these art therapy sessions? Therapy, including eco-art therapy, seeks to treat specific mental health conditions and symptoms. Art therapy goes on for multiple sessions that follow a prescribed trajectory to meet the healthcare needs of the client. Creative Well-being sessions, on the other hand, are individual visits with general wellness in mind. They can support you with acute stress (like exams or family holidays) but don’t treat chronic stress. They are intended to support a person who is relatively stable in self-care practice or self-discovery.

What do I bring to a CWB session? Please bring water & snacks and wear comfy clothes which can get dirty. Special items like a candle or incense can help create sacred space during virtual sessions. Art supplies will be provided in-person. For virtual sessions, please bring your own art supplies. Some possible items are crayons, colored tissue paper and white glue, collage materials, watercolors, colored pencils, or felt markers.

Can I request a specific technique? Absolutely! If you want to work with oil pastels or clay, let me know. If you want to try making a book or creative mending, great. I’m excited to show you how to add a therapeutic dimension to any practice that interests you. Likewise, you may find something on my blog, in my newsletter, or on my Tumblr that you’d like to try. I’m here for it!

Eco-Art Therapy

Eco-art therapy is different from average talk therapy. Sessions are active and engaging instead of conversational. They use creativity, breath work, nature, and play to help you truly feel better.


The practices we explore together are also evidence-based. They weave together the healing potential of both sides of your brain. Helping resolve deep emotional wounds and old thought patterns.


I offer session packages based on traditional rites of passage. Packages make it clear how long we'll be working together. And they boost your experience by supporting you before and after our one-on-one time.

Eco-art therapy sessions are offered in-person and online to New Mexico residents.


You deserve a healing journey that sparks your inner flame.


Packages start at $1200 USD for 4 months 

(payment plans are available)

What is a typical EAT session like? There is no typical eco-art therapy session. Each session is adapted to your unique needs at the moment. But in general, I open each session with grounding and a check-in. The session is centered on a therapeutic exercise and then followed with reflection. We close with grounding again. Some things I’ve done with clients during the session are oracle readings, bilateral drawing, tissue paper collage, sand tray, guided visualizations, outdoor sessions, ritual design, nature photography, breathwork, drumming, dream work, and dance. Yes... as therapy.

Why do EAT sessions come in packages? I’ve found that open-ended, ongoing sessions are rarely in the best interest of the client or the practitioner. Therapeutic work deserves to be held in a sacred container like any other rite of passage. The unique style of packages that I’ve created are designed to give you more from our work together for a more accessible investment. Therapy is expensive! It should be impactful and you should know what you’re getting for your money.

Can we keep working together? Yes and no. If it becomes apparent that you would benefit from further treatment after our initial work together, we can reassess your needs for a new package or a single additional session. I do not offer ongoing follow-up therapy sessions.

Do you take insurance? I do not take insurance but FSA and HSA funds may be used and some insurance reimbursement may be available through your provider depending on your individual plan.

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