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Yes... You belong here.


Hi. I'm Jess. I'm glad you found your way to
The Sacred Third Creative Well-being.

I am a queer eco-arts therapist, circle leader, dream worker, and artist. For years, I've been gathering experiences on my own journey towards belonging and becoming. (*some folx call this healing.) And I find so much joy in sharing what I've learned along the way.


Queer, gender expansive, and neurodivergent humans and healers of all kinds... We are natural dreamers. In a world of constant change, the world needs dreamers like us now more than ever and...

We need each other.


At tS3rd Creative Well-being, I dream of nourishing and healing spaces for folx on the margins. Spaces where we can explore the beautiful nature of our liminality. Where we can belong together.

Come see what we're doing at the moment...


I live humbly & gratefully as a white-bodied settler on Southern Tiwa land between Turtle Mountain to the east and Big River to the west, Tsugwegava (Isleta Pueblo) to the south and Tuf Shur Tia (Sandia Pueblo) to the North.

I am of mixed northern and eastern European descent, the child of Andrea and Gregory, grandchild of Irmgard and Otto, great-great-great-great grandchild of Margaret, who dreamed me into being as a butterfly nearly two centuries ago.

🦋 Ich bin ein hübscher Schmetterling. 🦋

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