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About Jess

I have been a natural creative and healer my entire life. Growing up on lands belonging to the Coastal Miwok and Southern Pomo people, also known as Marin County, California, I developed a keen sense of the sacred, creative nature of the universe. Tide pools and forest giants sparked the healing power of my imagination and guided me on my personal journey from the very beginning. Creative expression, through dance, stitching, and forming clay, has been my constant companion through life’s challenges, personal revelations, and the joyful grief of being a human during the anthropocene


That journey has led me to make a humble home on Southern Tiwa lands in the Rio Grande Valley, or so-called Albuquerque, New Mexico. It is in this high desert, amidst the tenacious piñon and deep red earth that I pursued “official” training in the healing arts. Over the last two decades, my professional identity has marinated in the realms of sex-positive education, harm reduction outreach, fine arts and craftwork, non-western medicine, therapeutic community arts, and clinical mental health care. It is with the knowledge gained from these professional (as well as my personal) life experiences that I am proud to introduce The Sacred Third Creative Well-Being.

tS3rd Creative Well-being is an emergent gathering of soft & sensitive humans devoted to caring for ourselves and one another through creative, playful, and spiritual exploration. We prioritize the needs and desires of those on the margins and are open to all who identify with our collective liberation. We recognize all bodies as sacred and worthy of pleasure. We revere the earth and all earthlings as worthy of care and compassion. We embrace the magic of liminality in all its myriad forms. As tS3rd expands, changes, and ripens,  so will its offerings. Receiving my monthly newsletter is the best way to stay informed of current services, groups, and workshops.

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