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Current Offerings



Friday, April 21st, 6-8pm &

Tuesday, May 2nd, 6-8pm

@ North Fourth Art Center

$45 suggested 

No one turned away for lack of funds

All materials provided

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Dream Prose & Poetry.png

Dream Prose & Poetry

Tuesday, April 21st, 6-8pm

@ OffCenter Community Arts

$0-40 tiered pricing

Dream Journals.png

Dream Journals

Saturday, May 13th, 1-4pm

@ OffCenter Community Arts

$0-60 tiered pricing

Intro to Dreamcasting

Tuesday, June 6th, 6-8pm

@ OffCenter Community Arts

$0-40 tiered pricing

Introduction to Dreamcasting.png

Creative Dream Circle

Saturday, June 17th, 1-4pm

@ OffCenter Community Arts

$0-60 tiered pricing

Creative Dream Circle.png


Your dreams are a portal to self healing and personal growth. Dreamcasting sessions guide you in deepening your dream practice. In each session, we explore your relationship to a particular vision through layered creative exercises. And we weave your insights into waking life through ritual and action. 

Read more about dreamwork here.

$159 USD / 90 minutes


Creative Well-being sessions relax and restore the nervous system through self-expression. We use art materials alongside mindfulness and ritual to nourish your inner world.​ These sessions support individuals in self discovery. They are wonderful for self-care, stress reduction, and --simply-- pleasure. Imagine a yoga class and an art class in one.


While Creative Well-being sessions are not art psychotherapy, they are therapeutic and a good addition to traditional counseling.

$159 USD / 90 minutes

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